Stone, Earth, and Straw: The Schoolhouse Ghazal

Denně dostáváme spoustu emailů, spam, obchodní emaily, emaily od dobrovolníků nebo lidí, co se chtějí stát dobrovolníky… někdy však dostaneme email, který nespadá do žádné z uvedených kategorií. Zde je jeden z nich:

I heard the Radio Prague article about the school you have built at Kargyak in the Jammu-Kashmir. As a fan of the various forms of sustainable construction, earth building, and straw bale among them, I was prompted to write a short poem about the school. I thought you'd want to receive a copy. I will also be posting it on a couple of straw bale building forums. A “ghazal” is a formally organized short poem with a rhyme scheme that goes AA,BA,CA,DA, and so-on.

Chris Green.

Stone, Earth, and Straw: The Schoolhouse Ghazal.

The walls are covered with earth and straw,
these school walls built from stone, earth, and straw.

With mountain weather outside--white, cutting, and raw,
the interior is warmed by sun on stone, earth and straw.

The success is more than builders foresaw,
when they first dreamed to build with stone, earth, and straw.

The classes inside are fulfilling needs,
hope and dreams grow from stone, earth and straw.

Soon work may begin again, with a planting of seeds,
to build another school for children, from stone, earth, and straw.

Chris Green, 2009.

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