Dopis od Rangdola

Hello Azam Stenzin Honza
I like most girl Tsomo from 2nd class. I eat this month good sha momo. I read in class II. My best friend name is Tenzin Topchen. Yes, I help Rinchen, he reads Bodhi. Yes, my mother is good and cooking at home. Yes, my father horsman is good and working a lot. My family is good. My sister Nondon is going to school to Raru. My brother is in Delhi. I like play Catikit. The sun is shining, sometimes snowing.

Bye bye next year.

Thank you and Eva.

Thank you my sponsor!


  • Jméno: Stanzin Rangdol Khangsar
  • Věk: 10
  • Pohlaví: muž
  • Vesnice: Kargyak
  • Sponzor: Charlestown Property Services

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